Lilu Light Festival Lucerne

From 6 to 16 January 2022, Lucerne will once again become a luminous meeting place! At the 3rd Lilu Light Festival Lucerne, artists from all over the world will present the diverse and fascinating facets of light. Discover creative light installations on a heart-warming winter walk and experience an attractive supporting programme for all the senses. For eleven days, squares, sights and alleys in the city of Lucerne will be artistically illuminated from 6 to 10 p.m. every day.

17. November 2021

Ticket presale started

Tickets for the 3rd Lilu Light Festival Lucerne (6 to 16 January 2022) are now available.

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25. June 2021

Infinity Room «MOMENTUM»

Current installation «MOMENTUM» at Impulse Gallery.

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05. May 2021

Call for Projects 2023

We are already looking forward to your project submission for 2023.

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07. January 2021

Lilu for at home

The 3rd Lilu Light Festival Lucerne would have started today.

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  • Ticket presale started

    The third edition of the Lilu Light Festival Lucerne will take place from 6 to 16 January 2022. Around 20 light installations will artfully illuminate squares and sights in the city of Lucerne over eleven days. Highlights are the light shows in the Hofkirche and now also in the Casineum Lucerne as well as a special light dinner. Tickets are available now.

  • Infinity Room «MOMENTUM»

    Together with Projektil and estec visions we were allowed to realize an installation in the Impulse Gallery. The 4-minute show «MOMENTUM» in the approx. 25m2 large room can now be admired free of charge at Haldenstrasse 19 (formerly Galerie Fischer)!

    «MOMENTUM» is an immersive environment that awakens curiosity, heightens one’s senses, and evokes an illusion through the use of lights, mirrors and sounds.

    Impulse Gallery bridges the gap between digital and physical art. Therefore, it is with great excitement to announce an exclusive first-ever collaboration between Impulse Gallery and Light Festival Lucerne Association with Projektil.

    Using state-of-the-art technology, this project aims to stimulate the senses, allowing visitors to escape reality. Impulse Gallery is open to anyone who wants to be inspired by original artworks and the digital installation in the Infinity Room.

    Get ready to be immersed by an Infinite State of Art.

    The Lucerne Light Festival Association shows the fascinating facets of light every January at the Lilu Light Festival Lucerne. Discover the creative light installations on a winter walk in the city of Lucerne.

    The artist collective Projektil irradiates buildings, spaces, stages, stadiums, natural landscapes, and churches. Their expertise is the creation of unique, meaningful and unforgettable light experiences.

    Opening hours:
    Tue-Fri: 11am – 6pm
    Sat: 11am – 4pm
    Sun-Mon: by appointment

    Impulse Gallery
    Haldenstrasse 19, Lucerne

  • Call for Projects 2023

    We still have to be patient until we can once again illuminate the city of Lucerne with great light installations in January 2022 (the programme is already set). So we are using the time sustainably and are already looking for you and your creativity for the 4th Lilu Light Festival Lucerne from 12 to 22 January 2023. Are you a light artist, art student, multimedia producer, visionary or simply interested in art and do you have a project idea that we should definitely consider? Wonderful – we look forward to receiving your project entry via . You can find more information here.

  • Lilu for at home

    Dear all, today the 3rd Lilu Light Festival Lucerne would have started. For well-known reasons, we had to postpone the 3rd Lilu until January 2022. But we don’t want to miss it and would like to spend the next 11 days online reminiscing with you. We would be delighted if you would share your favourite Lilu pictures from the last two years with us again. So that we can see them all, please use the hashtag #MyLiluMoment. By the way, we are giving away 5×2 tickets for the big light show in January 2022!

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